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85 & Still Cool- Happy Birthday BXVI ツ

April 16, 2012 by

Oompah band, Schuhplattler give Bavarian flair to Pope’s Birthday Posted on April 16, 2012 by Carol Glatz VATICAN CITY — The apostolic palace’s frescoed Clementine Hall became the stage for a mini-Bavarian festival today to celebrate Pope Benedict’s 85th birthday. A small band played “oompah” music and ten children dressed in traditional outfits swirled, stomped […]

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April 8, 2012 by

  (Video)   Dear Brothers and Sisters in Rome and throughout the world! “Surrexit Christus, spes mea” – “Christ, my hope, has risen” (Easter Sequence). May the jubilant voice of the Church reach all of you with the words which the ancient hymn puts on the lips of Mary Magdalene, the first to encounter the […]

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Sofia has an URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for one of our own here at

February 8, 2012 by

Yes friends, I’m back. Today I have been working on a piece about the nightmare concerning Religious Liberty, the Church and the man who is supposed to uphold the U.S. Constitution. I have been planning to return last week but ironically the Religious Liberty attack on our Faith and Church was announced at the same […]

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Welcome to the Catholic Blogosphere – “A Th0tful Journey Begins” -A young Catholic man who loves his Faith

January 31, 2012 by

Alfonso Pedrozo is the baby of the “AlwaysCatholicBlog” family. We have a nice group of contributors who truly enjoy our time together on Twitter and blogging about all things Catholic. Most of us are older than we want to admit (what is it about being over 40 that makes us like that?) but we all […]

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Bishop Daniel Jenky invokes St. Michael for USA Catholic Churches via BattleBeadsBlog

January 30, 2012 by

Bishop Daniel Jenky: Is Scandalized By “Catholic” Politicians Who Collaborate With Evil Bishop Daniel Jenky of Peoria, Ill. has asked parishes, schools, hospitals and religious houses to insert the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel into the intercessions at Sunday Mass to pray for Catholics’ freedom. The move comes in response to a new federal […]

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Michael Coren: Why Catholics Are Right

January 30, 2012 by

Yes, Catholics are right. According to Michael Coren anyways. He says he wants to set the record straight: there is apparently little worse in modern, Western society than being a devout Roman Catholic. And he’s tired of apologizing for his faith. Michael is the host of The Arena, a nightly (7pm) TV show on Sun […]

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Join the Good Fight… calls us to defend our Faith…with our VOTE!

January 25, 2012 by

Today AlwaysCatholicBlog received an email from It was so powerful we felt that it was of utmost importance to share it with those who are not on the mailing list:   From Brian Burch of…   The sleeping giant has been awakened. Right now we’re witnessing an unprecedented response to the Obama administration’s […]

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Mirror, mirror on the wall…What kind of Catholic am I? REAL or COUNTERFEIT?

January 24, 2012 by

A priest I know answered a question of mine about voting when I was 18. I asked him, “Father, how do I know how to vote?” I was very young and getting a ton of misinformation from other Catholics. He looked at me and answered quietly, “You hold the Crucifix in one hand and pull […]

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The Brothers Archbold got it right : Notre Dame GOT PLAYED

January 23, 2012 by

From our brothers in Christ, Matt & Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report… Outrageous HHS Final Rule: Catholic Groups Must Cover Contraceptives This is outrageous. HHS has issued its final ruling on exemptions from contraceptive coverage for health plans even in the face of religious obejctions. Too bad. And in what passes for compromise for […]

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The “Silent Majority” Finally Gets Loud

January 21, 2012 by

Thousands Rally To Support Gov. Walker Amid Recall Fight from Tammy our friend at AlwaysCatholicBlog (@tamale102280 on Twitter) pics and the WISN link to a video from the Rally. Tammy’s the one right in front with the purple hat and BEAUTIFUL multi-colored woven scarf (handmade by her) in front…check it out! Pics from the […]

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